recreational restaurants

A good dining place must not miss two elements comprising good atmosphere and good food. If you want to seek more, however, Bandung has some places to offer. We would probably like to term those places "recreational restaurants".

The first one above is called Lawangwangi. It is basically a restaurant with an art gallery in the same building (or the other way around). Bandung may have several other typical art gallery-restaurant, but you would not want to miss the chance to see greens-and-hills landscape from Lawangwangi's famous dock.

Kampung Daun has a big chance to be topping anyone's list for best places of interests in the area of Bandung. From the natural mini waterfall, to the beautifully designed and wholeheartedly built saungs (the buildings where you get to eat), to the refreshing landscape, and to the cultural atmosphere; Kampung Daun has many reasons to be a perfect destination for your seeking of peace of mind.