To be honest with ourselves, Indonesia is more or less, literally or theatrically, positively or negatively identical to Bali. It would never be a mistake to visit beaches in a tropical country. Nevertheless, despite many other options of beaches in Indonesia, Bandung (a mountain town) has acquired a predicate of the most famous trip destination next to Bali.

With  references from our experience and our beloved guests', we conclude that there are at least 8 (eight) common reasons why people come to Bandung in regard to either holidays or the regular days.

1. Music community

You may not know names such as The S.I.G.I.T., Burgerkill, Angsa & Serigala, or Mocca; but some of us do. Pop culture nowadays is well-influenced by the indie/independent scene. Those are the names of well-known indie musicians and those artists come from Bandung. In some occasions, we have guests who are visiting because they have a business trip in music.

2. Low temperature and perfect humidity

It is such a perfect getaway due to the relatively annoying humidity and boiling weather of tropical country.

3. Superb atmosphere and ambience

"Kota Kembang" is one of Bandung's title. In English, you may call Bandung: "The City of Flower". Bandung is a very green settlement. You might notice that most of the non-green colours found in Bandung are those of wild or grown flowers'. Moreover, there is no industrial zone in Bandung and we can guarantee that the air just burst out from heaven's container this morning.

4. Extraordinary scene of nature

You might want to see this stuff and this one. There are more, though.

5. To shop

Bandung is famous for its local textile/clothing products.

6. Trans Studio Theme Park

Trans Studio is our country's Disney Land. It's a very established theme park.

7. Cuisine

Firstly, the Sundanese (local people) has a vast variety of culinary options. Secondly, many outsiders (Indonesians and foreigners) open their restaurants and cafes here.

8. Young people and young spirit

The town is never boring!